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Flipping a Switch Q&A- (Retire Guide)- 07/01/21
How to Have a Retirement Worth Saving For- AP Article by Liz Weston- 07/26/21
15 Tips While Inflation Affects Prices ( 08/8/22


Navigating the Two Financial Faces of COVID-19 (Rutgers Cooperative Extension)- 08/31/20

Inflation-Fighting Hacks for Older Adults (Rutgers Cooperative Extension)- 06/07/22
Give Yourself a Financial Check-Up (Rutgers Cooperative Extension)- 11/02/22

Recorded Professional Conference Presentations

AFCPE 2020: Build Your Brand and Connect, Empower, and Impact with Twitter
AFCPE 2020: Action Steps for 20 Later Life Transitions
AFCPE 2020: So You Want to Write a Personal Finance Book?
AAFCS 2021: Tax-Smart Ways to Donate to Charities
AAFCS 2021: How to Create Attractive Graphics for Documents and Social Media
FinCon 2021: Flip a Switch: Walk in the “Financial Shoes” of an Older Adult
AFCPE 2021: Money Smart Students (panel)
AFCPE 2021: Seventeen Success Strategies for Solopreneurs
AFCPE 2022: Beyond Legal Documents: 12 Planning Strategies for a "Good Ending"
Guest Blog Posts
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