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Flipping a Switch: Your Guide to Happiness and Financial Security in Later Life

Release Date: August, 2020

Leaving full-time employment to enter retirement often requires a 180-degree change in mindset and behavior from the way you managed your time and money previously. This is especially true for Baby Boomers who may have never experienced adult life without a full-time job and have been practicing the same habits since their 20s. These life transitions can be looked at as if they require flipping a switch. Some changes happen suddenly like an on/off switch, while others happen over time like a dimmer switch. Some switches are voluntary like spending accumulated savings, while some are mandatory like taking required minimum distributions starting at age 72. And to make matters more confusing, there are also lifestyle and social changes to consider as well.

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Flipping a Switch Discussion Questions
Money Talk: A Financial Guide for Women

Release Date: April, 2018

A 198-page workbook that explains basic personal finance concepts and contains dozens of worksheets to apply the content personally. The 4th edition of the book was revised in 2018 to include the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as well as changes to credit laws, health insurance rules, Social Security, estate planning, and other financial topics. I initially wrote Money Talk in 2004 with former Rutgers Cooperative Extension colleague Patricia Q. Brennan and oversaw the 2018 revision.

Money Talk PDF File
Small Steps to Health and Wealth

Release Date: February, 2013

Small Steps to Health and Wealth, by Barbara O'Neill, Ph.D., CFP, and Karen Ensle, Ed.D., RD, FADA, published by Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service Cooperative Extension

Saving on a Shoestring: How to Cut Expenses, Reduce Debt, and Stash More Cash 

Release Date: January, 2003​

In addition to dozens of practical tips on how to cut expenses, reduce debt, and save more cash, a user-friendly guide offers readers thirty danger signs of debt, the truth about real estate and retirement, thirty-five common financial mistakes to avoid, and other valuable advice. Reprint.

Investing on a Shoestring: Finding the Money to Invest Making Up for Lost Time Identifying Inexpensive Investment Options

Release Date: April, 1999

Following the style of her bestselling book, "Saving on a Shoestring," Barbara O'Neill takes readers step-by-step through the process of putting together a healthy financial plan, focusing on a whole range of topics for shoestring investors, such as.... 

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Small Steps to Health and Wealth PDF File
 Presentation Materials and Handouts
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